Name and address of owner: Fanny and Vincent Marchand
Residing at 73 rue du Maréchal Leclerc, 49400 Saumur
MOBILE phone number: 06 73 19 79 09
Address of leased premises: Fontfaquet House, a place called the Albarède, commune of Saint Cybranet, Dordogne
Date of construction: 1970
Villa with pool on land of more than 5000 m²
Number of bedrooms: 7
Total area of ​​the leased premises: over 200m²
A ground garden and a floor without elevator
Garden which the tenant to the exclusive enjoyment
Pool which the tenant has the exclusive enjoyment
The pool is equipped with a safety device to prevent drowning
Other leisure amenities: terrace, charcoal barbecue, table tennis


Distance River 3rd category (Céou): 100 meters
Distance 4 km of the Dordogne
Distance to town: 1km
In the countryside, beside a main road


General state of maintenance: excellent
Warm and cold water, electricity, heating electrique in bathrooms
Two television sets, a video recorder, a DVD reader,
An ironing board and an electric iron

A - Ground floor

1. Living Room

a- Library
b- 2 seater sofa
c- 5 seats
d- A cabinet (closed)
e A safe (closed)
f- A coffee table
g- An office
h- Two bar stools
i- A south-facing window overlooking the terrace and pool
j- A south-facing window door to the terrace and pool

2. Dining

a- A table for 10 people
b- 6 chairs
c- A bench
d- A 3-seater bench
e- A highchair
f- Bay Window and glass door on three sides overlooking the garden and river nature
g- Approximately 20m²
h- Storage box / bench

3. Kitchen

a- A table with extensions for 8 people
b- A bench
c- 4 stools
d- A small feeder
e- A dishwasher
f- An electric oven
g- A butane stove with four gas burners
A microwave h-
i- A toaster
j- A coffee requiring filters / Nespresso machine
k An electric kettle
l- Crockery and cutlery to complete up to 20 people for meals and breakfasts
m A garbage bin (garbage deposit of 800m.)
A vacuum cleaner n-
o window overlooking nature East side

4. Room 1

a- A bed 140x190 two places
b- Two nightstands
c- Two reading lights lamps
d- A chair
e- A dresser with lamp
f- A closet
g- Two windows facing the north and east sides Nature
h- A quilt

5. Room 2

a- Two beds 80 that can be assembled to make a double bed
b- Two bedside tables with two lamps
c- A wardrobe
A shelf with d- p / VCR tapes
e- A combined TV / VCR
f- A window overlooking the north side Nature
g- a duvet

6. Bathroom

a- Bath
b- machine washing machine
c- Drying Rack
d- Table
e- A hairdryer
f- A bath mat
g- A large closet
h- An electric heating
i children's bath toys
j- A window overlooking nature in the West

7. Separate WC

a- A small sink

B - Floor

8. Room 3

a- 2 beds 90x190
b- A desk with stool
c- Two nightstands
d- A convenient
e A window overlooking the pool
f- A skylight overlooking the south side Nature
g- Two quilts

9. Room 4

a- A bed of 90x190-high
b- 1 bed 90x190
c- 1 bed 90x200
c- A convenient
d- A small school desk
e A small window overlooking the river, east side
Three quilts f-

10. Room 5

a- Two beds 80x 190
b- An office
c- A small dresser
d- Two skylight facing north towards nature
e Two quilts

11. Shower room

a- A shower
b- A WC
c- A sink fitted wardrobe
d- An electric heating
e- A West facing skylight
f- A small dresser
g- a bath mat

C - outside

a- Garden furniture terrace
b- A teak table for 10 people
c- 10 teak chairs
d- A charcoal barbecue
e Six chairs to pool garden furniture
f- Table tennis and rackets

Dated at Saint Cybranet

The _____________

The landlord                                                                              The tenant

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