First name and name: Fanny and Vincent Marchand been born on 22/12/1975 in living in France Toulouse __________________ - 24000 - Périgueux

Below called(mentioned) the lessor on one hand

First name and name: ____________________________________ been born ____________ in ____________________ from nationality ___________ living(remaining) _______________________________________ ____________________

Below called(mentioned) the tenant on the other hand

Article 1: object:

By the present contract, the lessor rents(praises) to the tenant, who accepts, premises(places) were indicated(appointed) to the article 2 below as vacation rental.

The parts(parties) suit that the present rent is subjected(submitted) to no particular diet(regime) and recovers that capacities(measures) of the Civil code on the hiring.

The present rent is granted and accepted in loads(responsibilities), clauses and conditions were stipulated below.

Article 2: name:

The present rent concerns premises(places) depending on a located building in saint Cybranet (Dordogne) in the said place Albarède, a descriptive state of which represents in appendix 1ainsi that on furniture and equipments the inventory of which is established.

The tenant makes a commitment not to occupy other surfaces that those provided him with at the end of the present contract.

Article 3: destination, activity(occupation):

The rented(praised) places are intended single-use of secondary house.

The tenant will occupy places personally, with his family. He cannot install(settle) thirds(third parties) in his presence or in his absence there.

He cannot either lend, or sublet, in all or in part, the rented(praised) places, on no account, even temporarily or for free.

He cannot give in, altogether or partially, his right(law) for the present rent.

Article 4: taking possession and duration:

The present rent is granted and accepted for a duration of ___ week (s) as from __________ at 4 pm and until ___________ at 10 am.

Article 5: rent

5.1: Amount:

The parts(parties) agree on a rent to the amount of _____ €.

5.2: Deposit(advance):

During the signature of the present, the tenant settles(adjusts) to the lessor, who gives him(her) receipt, the sum of 20 % of the rent as deposit(advance), which will impute on the rent.

5.3: Terms of payment

The rent is payable entirely 6 weeks before the entrance(entry) to places, deduction summit of the deposit(advance) perceived(collected) in the reservation.

He must be put back(handed) to the lessor or to every representative(proxy) indicated(appointed) by him.

Article 6: deposit:

The tenant will pay(pour) to the lessor, at the latest during the entrance(entry) to places, the 400-€ sum, in guarantee of the good execution of his obligations(bonds) resultant of the present contract.

After the return(restoration) of keys, in the absence of degradation noticed in the current situation(inventory of fixtures) of exit(release) contradictorily established by the parts(parties) and if no sum remains due to the lessor in any respect whatsoever, the deposit will be immediately and entirely restored to the tenant.

Should the opposite occur


The deposit will be restored deduction made by the sums owed by the tenant, for a maximum deadline(extension) of sixty days following the day of the discount(delivery) of keys by the tenant.

Article 7: loads(responsibilities):

The parts(parties) suit that the amount of the rent stipulated in the article 5.1 gets on(hears each other) loads(responsibilities) and included taxes. The options appearing to the appendix II must be reserved at the latest 30 days before the entrance(entry) to places.

Article 8: current situation(inventory of fixtures):

The tenant well declares to know the current situation(inventory of fixtures) rented(praised) in view of the diverse information which were communicated with him(her).

A contradictory report of this current situation(inventory of fixtures) as well as an inventory, also contradictory, furniture and equipments furnishing them will be established in duplicate during the entrance(entry) to places.

For lack of establishment of the current situation(inventory of fixtures) and the inventory, the tenant is considered for taking premises(places) in good condition renting repairs and perfectly furnished with furniture and equipments.

If he considers himself dissatisfied by the current situation(inventory of fixtures) in the entrance(entry), he will have to, at the risk of forfeiture(decay), formulate his complaints with the lessor in the next three days the establishment of the aforementioned current situation(inventory of fixtures).

Article 9: interview(maintenance) and enjoyment:

The tenant will have to maintain places rented(praised) during all the duration for the rent, and return them, at the end of lease, in the same state, in particular of cleanliness, as that where he found them.

He will have to replace any lost, broken or damaged object or pay off it to the lessor.

The tenant can make no drilling of wall, either change of distribution(casting), or works or arrangement(development) in the rented(praised) places.

The tenant will have to let the lessor make the urgent works and which cannot be postponed(put back) beyond the term of the rent; he(it) makes a commitment to warn(prevent) immediately the lessor of any damages whom he would notice in the rented(praised) places, pulling(entailing) repairs chargeable to the lessor. In case he(it) would be lacking in this commitment, he could demand no compensation(allowance) to the lessor because of these damages and would be responsible to him of the worsening of the damage, would arise after the date in which he noticed it.

The tenant will have to enjoy places rented(praised) as a father and to watch that the tranquillity of the neighbors is disturbed, in no way, by its fact or the people of his(her) family or to its service(department).

He will have to introduce no pet into premises(places) rented(praised) without prior authorization of the lessor. In case of authorization, the animal will have to cause no damage in the premises(place), and no prevention of enjoyment in the neighborhood.

Article 10: responsibility and appeal(recourse):

The tenant must be assured(insured) by a covering insurance policy risks of fire, explosions, water damage, flights(thefts) which can affect(allocate), besides his personal effects, the rented(praised) places and the equipments and the furniture furnishing them as well as the appeal(recourse) of the neighbors and the tenant's risks.



As a consequence(Accordingly), the tenant can exercise no appeal(recourse) against the lessor in case of flight(theft), burglary or criminal act a victim of which he could be in the rented(praised) places and the lessor disclaims all liability for the appeal(recourse) which his insurance company could exercise against the tenant in case of disaster.

Article 11: cancellation clause:

It was expressly advisable that in case of non-execution by the tenant of any of his commitments, in particular in case of nonpayment of the agreed rent or the loads(responsibilities), the lessor will have the faculty(power) to cancel the present contract, having given a formal notice the tenant to settle his situation by bailiff's act (command to pay or warning). The aforementioned formal demand will have to specify the intention of the lessor to use(to wear out) the profit of the present clause.

If five days after this formal demand, the tenant did not completely settle the situation or if, as regards works to be made, he did not begin(undertake) with the suitable diligence, all that it is possible to make for this deadline(extension) of five days, the lessor will can, so good seems to him(her), inform him(her) the termination by rights the lease.

In the daytime of the termination of the rent, the lessor can resume(take back) immediately, by rights, the free arrangement(measure) of the rented(praised) places.

In case the tenant would refuse to leave places, it would be enough, to force him(it) to it, of a prescription of emergency proceeding returned by Mister President of the competent Court.

In defect for the tenant to evacuate places, he(it) will be indebted to the lessor, by rights, of a compensation(allowance) of activity(occupation) fixed already, for every day of delay, to the rent loads(responsibilities) included by the last term increased by 50 %, without prejudice damages which could be owed.

Article 12: choice of residence:

For the execution of the present and the meaning of all the acts, the parts(parties) make choice of residence:
For the lessor: at the address appearing at the head(top) of the present contract for the tenant: in the rented(praised) places.

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